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"Pampering & relax"

3 days | 2 nights; half board, drinks not included; 1 facial treatment"aromatic beauty touch", 2 body treatments "hot stone massage" and "monticell mud". Extraordinary feeling of well being, thanks to an impressive thecnique inspired by ancient egyptian rites!

The package includes access to the wellness program near hot steam room | finnish sauna | jacuzzi. 


Special for man Special for man

For the man who wants to find trends and dynamic mind-body synergy, 3 days | 2 nights with half board treatment, drinks not included and 1 facial treatment "pure performance" and 1 body treatment "shalai massage", accompanied by aromatic teas, rebalancing, relaxing, toning and detoxifying.

The package includes access to the location being near the steam room | finnish sauna | jacuzzi.

Special for moms! Special for moms!

Pamper yourself before and after childbirth... a gift to give and give to the welfare of a happy event! Treatments light, nutrients and draining first, toning and moisturizing after childbirth.

3 days | 2 nights, half board, drinks not included, and 2 specific treatments :1 body and 1 face.

Each treatment will be accompanied by centrifuges and aromatic teas, known for its properties balancing, relaxing, detoxifying and toning.