A "grand family" for years engaged in various activities related to food quality and the promotion of local products. In 2009 the resort opened, bringing inside the spirit of family tradition and hospitality that is typical of Sicily.
A shared commitment and supported by all with great passion and energy. The two owner Leo and Luciano will always be there.

The gentleman who introdue you in the intimate atmosphere of Shalai. He coordinates the wine and restaurant area and accurately follows the lifestyle of the resort. Tireless, in finding ways to make your stay special.

Follows and coordinates the company organization: administration, services and human resources. Generous and untiring, always at your disposal to manage, to solve and to better organize your stay.

MARILENA: beautiful, efficient and solar, is the sales manager and a good support of the management. She will introduce you in that dimension of freedom and well being that is typical of our "home"
CRISTIAN: the perfect receptionist. Accurate, reliable and always smiling, he will be at your disposal for any request. Fortunately nothing escapes him

GIOVANNI: our chef. A male mind working with feminine delicacy. After several high profile experiences at important restaurants and close to major chefs, now he gives an unmistakable imprint of Shalai cuisine: true, sincere and original.
FABIOLA: chef de rang. Accompanies the food choices and provides an invaluable aid to all the adventures of a typical cuisine young and dynamic

MARIA: head of the center, very careful and determined, makes every moment a concentration of well being. Her hands, tonic and small, are able to offer you unforgettable moments of precious relax.
LAURA: sweet and delicate, will take you through the various choices of the aesthetic area, she is a valuable support for facial / body treatments

SUSANNA: rigorous and patient ensures a clean and professional image of the rooms, conscious to do an important and delicate job.
ROSALIA: Happy and cheerful, with her everything is always tidy, with a special attention to details.