Arch. Paola Mariotto

Arch. Lucia Papa

Shalai Resort, an 19th century old house, the result of multiple historical layers on the northern side of Etna, halfway between the mountain and the sea. It is a private house with an antique flavor, a confortable refined style in which to gater and be pampered.

Over the years the house was mansion, home to important governmental functions and, in the second half of last century, remained in a state of neglect, until the current owners the Pennisi family, glimpse the possibility of converting it into a Resort back to its original splendor.

The design was to redifine the articulation of volumes adapted to new uses with an emphasis on contemporary language to the history of the building. While in the center, the size of the building is private and, despite its grandeur, is cozy and quit. The dual personality marked by history defines the “character “ of the building, resigned at the same time noble and haughty. Inside the house continues to reflect different souls and that i show, during the long and complex planning stage, this subjective interpretation of the spaces has proved a valuable guide. The compositional choices and attention to detail regulate the balance of space in a modern style that, despite the monumentality of the building i remain contemporary and perhaps timeless.

The result is an unconventional house where the heat contaminate the taste of old contemporary home with a spirit that makes everything unique and original.